About TM Training

TM Training is a high performing risk mitigation utility industry service provider. Established in 2018 and servicing the entire continental United States, our mission is to provide utility personnel with a clear understanding of hazards and safety protocols related to utility operations. Between 30 to 50 linemen in every 100,000 experience fatal accidents each year as a result of human behavior failure. TM Training understands that we can never completely stop human error. However, organizational structure can be developed to minimize “error-likely situations”.


Due to the lack of standardized training in the utility industry, when journeymen linemen leave the trade, all of the knowledge they collected over the years leaves with them. One of the main goals of TM Training is to develop this standardization in an effort to ensure each Lineman, from apprentice to journeyman to foreman, knows what to do in an emergency situation.

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Standardization Of Language

It is vital that each member of the team is on the same page and speaking the same language. Standardization of terminology allows each member of the team to communicate effectively, reducing the risk of misunderstandings that lead to mistakes. 

TM Training provides coaching on the theories behind standardized safety practices. Additionally, our training is applicable to real-world scenarios. We work with teams to ensure they understand the practical application of those concepts.

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Human Performance

Although there is no way to prevent every accident, it is important to remember that chance favors the prepared mind. People are fallible! Even the most highly trained individual will eventually make a mistake. Predicting the likelihood of a mistake in any given situation and being prepared to handle it is of paramount importance.

Additionally, the goals and processes developed by organizations have a significant impact on the rate at which errors occur. Ill-defined expectations and non-standardized policies put linemen in a position to make errors that could result in a fatal accident. TM Training understands that organizations must make standardization and safety a priority in order to see a genuine change for the better.

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Meet The Expert – Trevor Myers

Trevor Myers has been working in the electrical industry for the past 25 years and in that time he developed a true passion for learning and passing that knowledge on to others. With that experience came profound respect for the concept of Human Performance and its application potential in this industry.

A great admirer of Dr. Todd Conklin, the top expert in Human and Organizational Performance, Trevor understands that linemen do not necessarily cause accidents. Linemen can trigger underlying circumstances that had always existed in an organizational structure waiting for specific conditions to be met allowing the failure to occur.

Trevor Myers - Owner

Trevor Myers admires how the aviation and automotive industries have developed technology to support human failure in a way that has a greater potential to avoid catastrophe. He strives to bring that level of self-awareness to the electrical utility industry in order to provide a safer, more standardized, environment for utility professionals to work in.

As a man of deep faith, Trevor is happiest when he is sitting down studying the bible and developing ways to apply biblical principles to modern training practices. When he isn’t traveling for work, he spends most of his free time with his three children hunting, fishing, and enjoying the wonders of the outdoors.


“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say ”

 – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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