Pole Top Rescue Training Course

Performing a Pole Top Rescue is a skill that will allow you to potentially save the life of one of your co-workers. Unplanned events happen and when they do, swift, precise action is required to prevent further injury and bring your co-worker down safely and quickly.

Ready to improve the safety and quality of work?

Most Modern & Comprehensive Training in the Market

In this 2-hour course from TM Training, you will learn the 13 steps necessary to successfully perform a Pole Top Rescue. Utilizing the latest technology, TM Training combines Human Performance, live-action video, in-classroom instruction, and hands-on practical application to provide you with the most comprehensive training on the market today.

Engaging Video + Interactive Training

You’ll learn the 3 most common Pole Top Rescue techniques:

The Crossarm Method utilizing the revolutionary Ox-Block from Buckingham Tools

The standard Cross-arm Method utilizing basic and advanced use of the fall line.

The Screwdriver Method. Used when a Cross-arm is not available.

The TM Training Pole Top Rescue training course qualifies as part of your annual safety compliance training requirements. Class sizes are limited to provide important one-to-one instruction and confirmation of skill proficiency.  Each participant also receives a 12-month Training Certification.

Meet Your Instructor – Trevor Myers

Your instructor, Trevor Myers, president of TM Training, has over 20 years of experience as both a journeyman lineman and a respected safety instructor for some of the country’s biggest utilities. His unique training style combines a passion for the industry, real-world experience, best-practices and a “no-BS” approach that’ll make this training effective, memorable, and enjoyable.

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